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Translation from German to English by Babelfish

The RAM & WAVE EXPANSION consist of two building groups. These can be used individually or together.

The one building group is the WAVE EXPANSION. This building group extends the Waves of the ESQ1 by 32 new waveform-shaping. The other building group is those RAM EXPANSION.

The RAM EXPANSION is not simply only an internal memory expansion on 8 banks with altogether 320 storage locations for its sounds, but intelligent steering contents with its own Microcomputer on the plate. This Microcomputer can process instructions over Midi, provides automatically for it that the suitable waveform-shaping is selected and supervises besides still all keys of the ESQ1.

It is to be consistently continued by this technology us possible become the prompting of the ESQ1 with some new selection menus. The RAM & WAVE EXPANSION are problem-free to handle and simply serve.
This operating instructions apply to the RAM EXPANSION and the WAVE EXPANSION. In the last chapters we deal then with the combination of the two building groups and the associated advantages for the user.

The WAVE EXPANSION puts a sentence with 32 new waveform-shaping to them at the disposal. These were won from different 16bit-HQ-Samples by Fouriere analysis, digital filtering and following Resynthese.

The old and new waveform-shaping cannot be mixed with one another, since either the new waveform-shaping or the old waveform-shaping is switched on always. But never both at the same time.

The change-over between old and new waveform-shaping is done via PA- Decoder RAM or ROM cartridge. With that BANK 1/2 change over switch also the waveform-shaping are switched. The switch at the cartridge is available on bank 1 in such a way stands for them the old waveform-shaping for its sounds. The switch stands on bank 2 like that is eingeshaltet the new waveform-shaping.

Importantly: The sounds in bank 1 of the cartridge always use the old, those on bank 2 the new waveform-shaping. The sounds in internal use those waveform-shaping by the switch at the cartridge were selected. They can during it a sound from internal play the waveform-shaping with the switch at the cartridge to switch. As a result of it quite interesting new sound combinations partly arise.

If an EXPANSION to use the change-over sees you to RAM & WAVE somewhat differently from word however in the chapter RAM & WAVE EXPANSION in detail described. Importantly: If you use cartridges of another manufacturer, then are always the old waveform-shaping switched on. The names Wave 1 to Wave 32 got the new waveform-shaping. This happened not from Einfaltslosigkeit to remain compatible but over when new wave shape corroding.


If no WAVE EXPANSION is inserted in the ESQ1, then first the ESQ1 with its normal power-up message announces itself after that switches on. After approx. then the RAM EXPANSION announces itself 2 seconds with the message.


Press they any key now. In the display the ESQ1 appears Midi menu. The RAM EXPANSION initialize the midi channel of the ESQ1 so that this with the midi channel adjusted on the RAM EXPANSION board agrees. Because it makes little sense if the ESQ1 on another midi channel than the RAM EXPANSION works.

If the channel is adjusted then selects those RAM EXPANSION still the first sound in internal the 1 and hands control over of the display re to the ESQ1. From now on those waits RAM EXPANSION in the background to it again with it to do to have would like. (naturally it waits besides still the data you over Midi not simply only but supervised arrives and evaluates these).

Over into the main menue the RAM EXPANSION to arrive you press grope Internal and hold these pressed then press them the V key. On the display appears:

BANK 1 2 3 4 MIDI

The active memory bank is underlined.

Around another memory bank to select they press the associated grope. Briefly after that it gropes the menu will automatically leave.

If they do not select a bank, separate press the key over MIDI appears in such a way on the display:


With. and - they can change the active midi channel. Use they for it please only this menu and no more the ESQ1 midi menu. Since in the ESQ1 midi menu only the channel of the ESQ1 and the channel for the RAM EXPANSION is not at the same time changed.

Importantly: The new channel is not stored. For a durable change the channel must be adjusted on the RAM expansion board.

With EXIT you leave the menu.

If they the key under MONITOR press in such a way appear in the display:


The midi monitor partly indicates detailed midi data to them in the plain language. The parameters (up to the channel) are represented in Hex numbers.

So meant e.g. NOTE ON *12 23 34

on Midikanal 12 an note on instruction for gropes 23h (35 decimally) with a Velocity from 34h (52 decimally) received.
Around the data set which can be indicated to reduce only data will arrive on the adjusted Midi channel indicated. Want they another channel to observe to press in such a way you any key at the display. They are now again in the Midi menu and can adjust another channel here. Afterwards they press again the key over MONITOR and can the channel observe.

Importantly: Out the clarity active sense messages bases is not indicated.

PS: Around itself in the Midi topic and the hex number system to train they fall back please to special literature. Some interesting information can take you also out of the Midi implementations of various Midi devices (usually completely in the back in the operating instructions). With a CONTROLLER 0-Message you can switch another memory bank on over Midi. Directly after it you should select program a CHANGE message sound from this memory bank with.

<Some parts skipped>


The combination of RAM EXPANSION and WAVE EXPANSION represents the most elegant solution, in order to steer and supervise the wave shape change-over. After that switch on appears in the display.


In the Internal the memory banks 1-4 the old waveform-shaping is assigned.

The new waveform-shaping is to them on the banks 5-8 at the disposal.

All user inputs been supervising and if necessary will become those waveform-shaping switched. In this program section are most developping costs, thus a simple and safe operation could be carried out for the user.

Importantly: That copy from sounds into a storage area, another sentence waveform-shaping is assigned to which, will sounded the sound to change.

The old waveform-shaping are assigned:

Internal Bank 1
Internal Bank 2
Internal Bank 3
Internal Bank 4
Cartridge Bank 1

The new waveform-shaping are assigned:

Internal Bank 5
Internal Bank 6
Internal Bank 7
Internal Bank 8
Cartridge Bank 2

Within these two groups they can copy without the sound to change.

Initialization of the RAM after the installation.

After the installation, or if the memory were separate from the backing UP battery, the 8 memory banks must be initialized. For this its own routine in the RAM EXPANSION was installed. This provides for it that successively all eight memory banks with meaningful data to be filled.

The initialization released by it before that to switch on the ESQ1 the Write key to press and pressed up to the display




Then they leave write grope loosely. It appears on the display:


Press they grope over YES the whole memory are in such a way initialized. This procedure takes approx. 1 minute.