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  Some questions occasionally asked about MidiVerb II and often not answered:
Q: As soon as the power is applied overload (OVLD) light comes on. No sound is produced.
A: Check out the rear panel of your MidiVerb. It says: 9V AC. Your power adaptor (as most of them) is probably DC. You could also check here for general reference to Alesis equipment power supplies. 

Q: Can you change from one program to another during playing?
A: Technically yes, but the transition does not go unnoticed. The reason for that is the fact that when MidiVerb switches to a new program it has to reset the DSP (which also cleans the sample buffer) and this is pretty 'audible'.
Q: Program x always comes up when I turn my MidiVerb on. Why?
A: MidiVerb stores a user configurable mapping table for MIDI program changes, eg. MIDI program change to Program 01 does not activate MidiVerb Program 01 directly. Instead a lookup into the mapping table dials a MidiVerb Program that corresponds to MIDI Program 01. During power on MidiVerb always looks up the first program in the mapping table, whatever it is set to, and activates that (that's why for a second number 01 comes up on the LED display). To change the default (first) program press:

PATCH -> 01 -> PRGM -> Program No (00..99) -> STORE+PATCH (eg. press PATCH while holding STORE)

Q: How can I change Delay time/Chorus speed/Reverb decay/whatever of Program x on my MidiVerb II?
A: You can't - unless you are willing to dig deep into DSP programming and/or hardware modification of your MidiVerb II. This is a preset machine.
Q: Certain programs used with sustained sounds cause the signal to retrigger, producing 'clicks' and 'pops'.
A: Programs 50, 53 and 57 (Triggered Flange) are retriggered whenever signal level exceeds a certain level (indicated by green SIGNAL LED). With sustained sounds this might happed several times during sustain phase of the envelope.
Q: Does MidiVerb II produce 'true stereo'?
A: No. The original signal, whether it comes from one or both channels, gets multiplexed into one before entering DSP. MidiVerb does not have two separate signal paths for 'true stereo' processing. Although DSP processes data for left and right channels separately it does not care about the stereo properties of the original sound so the stereo qualities of the processed sound are totally artificial.
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