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A lot of sysex files found on the net will not work properly in SY22. When a SY22 sysex file is loaded on a TG33 and then stored as a file again, it gets converted into TG33 format that a SY22 cannot understand. In this process the multis get discarded. Another common problem with sysex files is after they've been loaded from ROM cards and stored as sysex dumps, the multis still point to voices on a card (C) and won't play as the card voices are not available. This service a) fixes '22 multis to properly refer to internal voices, b) converts '33 sysex dumps to '22 format. However, native SY35 voices using waveforms that differ between '35 and '22 might sound differently as those waveforms are not available on a '22 (pls check here for the differences between SY22 and SY35).

If the file qualifies (*) it will be processed, otherwise an error message is displayed. After processing (be patient, it takes some time!) dialog to download the resulting file appears. You might have to temporarily disable your download manager (ReGet, GetRight) for this to work!

Caution! The processed file has exactly the same filename as the original, so be careful where you put it not to overwrite the original! 

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Any comments, ideas and suggestions are naturally welcome.

Revision history:

1.0 Initial release. Only '33 voices conversion, multis are substituted with 'Initial'
1.0.1 '22 voice type conversion from 'C' to 'I'
(*) To qualify the file has to:
1. have file length 38306 bytes (SY22 "ALL V/M DUMP"), 37631 (TG33 "64vce"), 40977 (TG33 "V&M"), or 41004 bytes (TG33 "All"),
2. have file extension (.syx),
3. start with sysex header: F0h (Start of Sysex), 43h (Yamaha manufacturer ID),
4. contain 'ALL V/M DUMP' command string ('PK 2203VM' for SY22/35, 'LM 0012VC' for TG33).